NFL Talk Plus Episode 98 – Guess Who’s Back!!

Hello everyone… WE’RE BACK!!!
Yes, it has been a long time. Sadly life, holidays and life got in the way and we couldn’t find the time to record. We hope to win back our listeners and we’re doing that by jumping right into this week’s show. We have a few news items involving coaches, retirements and even a signing. Then we discuss the Divisional Round and look ahead to this weekend’s Championship Sunday.

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NFL Pick ‘Em Season 6 Championship Round

The Divisional Round is in the books which has set up the top 4 seeds in the Championship Round. While it is not official until after Super Bowl week, I, your host Ray, have one this year’s pick ’em as there are not enough games to be caught. I have too big of a lead with only 3 games remaining. There was a 3 way tie for the weekly winners as Adam, OJ and myself went 3 – 1 in the Divisional Round. Keith and James went 2 – 2 while Tyler went 1 – 3. This week I bring you the show on my own as I talk about the NFC and AFC Championship games and how the Patriots make themselves easy to be the most hated team in the NFL.
Thanks for listening!

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